On the day of the horrific attacks across Paris, I was in Fukuoka.

I always feel absurd to talk about fashion in such a global disaster, but life and work of my own must go on…   My hearts are still be with deep sorrow of France and the restless  World, but please excuse me for the moment, for writing about my short inspection trip to Hakata.

I am sorry if it sounds impudent, but I also felt, in the confusion of the deadly reports, that I have to live up my life to the full in order to accomplish my small mission while I’m alive. We live in the world where anything unexpected can happen tomorrow. No one can immune. Seize the day.  I felt devastated at the cold-blooded terrorism and at the same time, I realised I was awakened. Awakened to what I really have to do.  No time to waste. I shall go high road and break through the front.

So, about Fukuoka.
After my work, I visitid Batak in Fukuoka and had some hearing about the men’s tailoring in Fukuoka.  11.14.2  Batak House Cut Fukuoka. Cozy and stylish.11.14.1

In the shop. (from left) Mr. Toshiyuki Fukudome, Shop Manager of Batak Fukuoka.  Mr. Hiroyoshi Nakadera, CEO of Batak House Cut,  Nakano,  and Mr.Hiroyasu Nakagawa, CEO of Union Works. He was also on business trip to Fukuoka and joined us.

Then we visited Stomp, Footwear consultant. They have clean and efficient repair room full of mysterious machines for shoe repair.11.14.6

After walking around the Tenjin area, we enjoyed  ‘Original’ Hakata Ramen.  Which is not so greesy as it seems. Full-bodied but lightly tasted. Very good.11.14.7

In front of the Ramen shop. (from left) Mr. Nakagawa, Mr. Yuji Nitada, General manager of Stomp, and Mr. Koji Okawa, President of Shamrock co.ltd.  The staff of Stomp are all enjoying the Hakata way of Stylish dressing, which reminded me of the fashion of  “Checkers”.

Thank you all, who was so kind to me  in Hakata. I love this town very much and I hope to see you again!




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