GQ Men of the Year 2015 party at Tokyo American Club.

Mr. Ayumu Goromaru, Mr. Naoki Matayoshi, Mr. Shuzo Matstuoka, Mr. Ryohei Suzuki, Mr. Taro Hakase, and Mr. Kotaro Yoshida were praised to have shined this year.


Too crowded to see them directly near the stage… 11.15.2015.2

Met some of the inspirational ‘men of the year’ personally.

Mr. Harry Sugiyama.  This fashionable suit is tailored by Old Hat, Harajuku.  Harry started TV host of fashion program.  Good Luck!   Go for the next year’s men of the year.11.19.2015.1

Another inspirational ‘CEO of the year’ told me impressive words: Try as discreet as possible.  But when the time comes to step on the accelerator,  just do it audaciously.

A night to remember, and to thank God for giving me many exciting chances.



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