Ms. Hiroko Fujii, who kindly came to our Bond Lecture at 11th Nov, gave me a gift of happy surprise.

Valentino Donna, which is just released.

Valentino had launched the suave Uomo last year.
That fragrance evoked modern Italian gentleman (like the models of glossy men’s fashion magazines) ,
who has both feminine traits as much as masculine nature.

And here comes Donna. A perfect counterpart.
Valentino Uomo and Donna walk hand in hand as the ideal Italian couple of the high society.

Donna dresses a silk gown in baby pink. But not conservative.
Unexpectedly bold and show free spirit. She is a kind of modern muse that doesn’t take herself seriously.
Love this attitude.

Going through the several experiences of precious encounters and mysterious chemistries this Autumn,
I feel some drastic change occurred within me.
No more care how eccentric I look in the tiny world, full of jealousy.
Feel no need to be liked by everybody.
Care less wicked criticism by the people who do not act nor think at all.
Love more my own ideal and follow my inner voice discreetly.
I hope this fragrance will support me, supplying femininity which I’m short of (^-^;  valentino

Valentino Donna. Released from Intermode Kawabe.

Thank you, Hiroko-san!





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