A wonderful gift from Ms. Sawa Hirano, specialist in aroma.  10.8.4

The Rose Otto 2012 by Palechka.  100% Bulgarian rose essence produced in 2012.  (Like wine!)
So pure and luxurious and leads you heavenly ecstasy. 10.8.5

I love roses unconditionally.  Every morning I eat Bulgarian rose oil capsules, watching roses, wear rose fragrance, bathing with rose oil and sleep in the aroma of rose.  Such a rose freak recommend this Rose Otto as exceptionally good!  Thank you, Sawa-san!  And Thank God who created roses in this world.

Today’s words: As far as you continue to do what you can, you won’t be able to what you really want to do.  If you have real ambition in mind, discard what you can as soon as possible.  In order to break through, it is better to throw it away. (by Mr. Ken’ichiro Mogi.  Thank you for the inspiration.)




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