Quite agree with this article.  About the ideal of Zhuangzi. 23 Nov. of Asahi.


‘Useful’ for whom? ‘Practical’ for what? If the learnings must serve only to the part of War or distorted Capitalism or super technology which will make more and more money (for the privileged class), I do not want to be useful for them.

I stand the side of ‘Usefulness of Useless’ of Zhuangzi.  Resist as an eccentric minority, as an elegant fort of Humanities. I was lucky to have received a tremendous benefit from the Humanities in my heart, which shall be the eternal treasure for human beings. So I feel responsible for getting it back to the society, to the future, although I may not have enough power.  Zhuangzi bless us all.


And Happy Birthday, Mom. Who has never ever scolded nor ordered me at all and always supported my family with a smile.



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