2016 SS Exhibition of Vulcanize London Women’s Selection and Globe Trotter.11.27.2015.3

Enjoyed spring feel of modern British Luxury.

Katherine Hooker, Grenfell, Goat, Smythson, Whistles, Fox Umbrellas, Zoe Jordan, Self-portrait, Paper London, and Jane Carr.  Young, effortless and luxurious.11.27.2015.2

I’m so happy to have found one ideal navy dress in the collection of self-portait.  Twisted and sexy. Cannot wait to wear it. (Which is which, is secret for now.)

And the mini Trotter, which is cute and humorous, will be colorfully released.11.27.2015.5

Tried on the spring coat of Goat, which Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wore.  11.27.2015.4

Thanks to all the staff of BLBG, who entertained us with stylish visual and joyful hospitality.11.27.2015.1

BLBG also collaborated with Kataoka Bussan and started Daylesford Organic at the cafe section. Lucky for the lovers of Daylesford, who have missed that Aoyama shop.


ヴァルカナイズロンドン ウィメンズ春夏コレクション。







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