Ashida Jun PR magazine, “JA” No. 105 was published.JA105 4

I have written an essay “Freedom through Fashion”, which is a kind of declaration of Fashion Studies in the age of declining Humanities. JA105 1
English version and French version are also available.
Please check this magazine in the nearest Jun Ashida stores.JA105 3

I also recommend this pretty “Mina Tan Charm”, as a Christmas gift for your friend. Mina Tan Charm is made through the supportive project by Ms.Tae Ashida. Full amount excluding expenses from the sales of charm, will be paid to the sewing staff of south Sanriku.JA105 5☆☆☆

アシダ ジュン広報誌JA No. 105 が発行されました。

お近くのジュン アシダの店舗でご笑覧くださいませ。


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