Fashion and Japonism / Cool Japan Summer Program


こちらのほうは海外の方が対象で、もう締め切られてしまったのですが。明治大学主催のクールジャパン・サマープログラムの一環として、8月1日、「ファッションとジャポニスム」についてレクチャーをします。English version is here.


<To the students who have applied for the program>
We will overview the first Japonism of the 19th century, then the second wave of Japonism in the 1980s, when the Japanese designer acted as game-changers. After that, we shall look at the Japonism of the 21st century, and examine the interrelationship between the Japanese fashion and Western fashion. How is the identity of <Japan> expressed, or used in the global fashion scene?  Let’s think and discuss together.

I look forward to seeing you in the class.


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