Downton Abbey is back. That building, that interior, that person … Tom Branson, Mary, Edith, Carson, Hughes, Thomas, Daisy, Anna and Violet…… Full of tears and laughter,  by immersing in England,  in 1927.


This time, the royal couple, the King (George V) and Queen Mary stay in Downton and cause uproar in Downton and changes in each person.  Happiness with a bitter finish, as always.

As a fashion historian, I feel so excited to watch all the costumes in full bloom,  from the royal family and the nobles to the people working below the stairs. It is like a fashionable picture scroll or visual dictionary in 1927.  Costume designer is Anna Mary Scott Robbins.


Words of Lady Violet are always sharp and funny. Here are some inspirational or memorable lines:

“Royal women are not meant to grin like Cheshire cats.”

“I am an expert in every matter.

“I’m glad I’m a revelation and not a disappointment.”

“A shy royal? Is that an oxymoron?”


Dowton Abbey will be released from 10th January 2020.


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For your reference of royal style.

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