Press presentation of Hermetica.  A fragrance brand recently established in Paris.

Hermetica is a collection of molecular fragrances which inspired by the “Alchemy”.  This ancient practice tried to transform ordinary metals into precious gold,  to find the ultimate elixir of life.

This collection is revolutionary because it is alcohol-free and long-lasting.

It was difficult for the perfume to be alcohol-free and long-lasting at the same time. But technology made it at last.

In their quest for the ultimate elixir of perfume, the founders of Hermetica, John and Clara Molloy made a decision to create a revolutionary fragrance, by using a combination of natural ingredients and synthetic molecules.


This hybrid formula is based on the patented technology: Innoscent.  It is a first-ever technology in the fragrance industry.


The modern-day alchemy of 4 collections, made of 13 powerful perfumes.  In the origin of all these perfumes, there is Source. Source is a unique original perfume that can be found in all these products.

Gender-free, of course.

Try modern alchemy and find your elixir of life.

Today’s favourite line: “I love you to the Redmoon and back.” Redmoon is the name of the new fragrance of this collection. “I love you to the moon and back” is the famous phrase to express abundant love.

These collections are released in Japan from the 19th February 2020.


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