Attended a champagne party at the ball room of Grand Hyatt. Hosted by BLBG.  Followed a premiere of Spectre.12.2.2015.3

Met a lot of people and I am afraid I was too talkative and appear frivolous person (as I actually am) because of Bollinger (4~5 glasses…).  My life is such a shallow one.

Recently I came to realize that it is better not take myself seriously; that is almost an only way not to feel depressed because of  many defects of myself.
Anyway, great party, where beautiful guests dressed like actors in the world of James Bond. Thanks to Chairman Jeff (we had official dinner only the day before yesterday and he welcomed me saying “Long time no see!”. That’s British joke)  and CEO of Japan, Mr. Takubo, dressed neatly this time.


I am afraid I look to have had too much bollinger: I sent this photo to Jeff with this message. And his reply was “I am sorry to disagree with you; there is no such thing as too much Bolly”.  So Brit.



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