Beaujolais Nouveau.

The Kitty Nouveau has arrived this year again.  Special thanks to K san!

Invited by Ms. Hanachiyo to her Nouveau Party.  The theme is “Arabian Night”.

Gorgeous and exotic party.  Special thanks to Ms. Hanachiyo and her husband, who is wine importer.

Photo above from left: Ms. Kumiko, Ms. Hanachiyo, Nakano and Ms. Akane.

The dress code of the party was “Arabian Night”.

My “Arabic” dress is borrowed from Ms. Maali Shiam, the wife of the ambassador of Ms.Palestine.

I had asked Ms. Maali for her advice.  “Where can I buy Arabic dress in Japan?”

She replied “There would be none.  Please wear my dress instead.  I mean it. ”

So I counted on her kindness.  The embroidery is all hand-made.  Real beautiful dress.  Special thanks to Ms. Maali.

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