A year has passed since the great exhibition of the “Survival of Elegance” of Jun Ashida.  Here comes the official short movie. I am very honored to have taken a small part of this exhibition, by writing almost all the text part of the exhibition.

A year ago. Time flies away.  I wish the Elegance of Jun Ashida and Tae Ashida will shine forever !


Just a murmur. Remembering the way I was this year..

I hope I have grown up a little bit more than a year ago.  I’ve got self-control and possessed self-sufficiency enough to feel light-hearted, even when I had to go through tough emotional experiences. I could manage to go on to the next step, after a little bit of tears. I’ve got this strength through my own methods and thinking of “Fashion Studies”.  Special thanks to imaginative Mr. Bond, who has always been active as my source of inspiration and kept me up to aim at the supreme ideal of elegance.

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