To those who are sensitive about the issue of “Cultural Appropriation”

This video is about the “Cultural Appropriation” , produced by a student who studies design at Kyushu University, Japan.  Prof. Shaun O’dwyer at Kyushu Univ. (my former colleague) sent this to me via Facebook.  The student drew all the graphics by herself.  The controversial theme is discussed from both negative and positive sides, and eventually encourage you to feel more free to share our Japanese culture. I quite agree with her.


Ms. Karlie Kloss, you did not have to apologize for wearing kimono in Vogue!  At least we Japanese did not take it as offensive to our culture.

(We all felt confused why Karlie had to be so severely criticized.)



By the way, I was moved by the style of presentation. I think I can call this a kind of millennial style of academic presentation.  If you Americans cannot read written Japanese, you can watch and share the video.  Even if it might be a little immature, I love it.


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