The Exhibition of Demi-Deconstruction, produced by Akira Hasegawa,  is approaching.

Akira Hasegawa, an independent modelist still in his 20’s, dared to decompose the precious vintage clothes from the era of French Revolution to World War II.

As far as I know as a fashion historian, no historian in the world could ever put the scissors into such historical treasures.  Cannot imagine at all. But Mr. Hasegawa, who is also a brave researcher-creator and so keen to know the internal structure of the beautiful vintage clothes, did such an audacious folly.

Yes, a folly. But how academic and original folly it is.  He learned a lot of techniques from the decomposed clothes and will share all the excitement he has got from the process of unprecedented deconstruction.

The theme of the exhibition is “bodily sensation”, you can know the internal structure and pattern design of clothes 100 to 200 years ago by touching the exhibits directly.

In addition,  Mr. Hasegawa created the “trial fitting samples” which pulled out the pattern from the disassembled parts.  Such special samples are also exhibited and you can actually wear them all.

Please do not miss this extraordinary occasion and share the excitement with us.

Please apply for our talk session (Akira Hasegawa × Kaori Nakano) from here;

We look forward to seeing you soon.

 (This photo is from the Exhibition of Demi-Deconstruction 2016)
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