Modern Australian dinner by Scott Pickett who is one of the most famous and popular chefs in Australia. He is an owner and chef of Restaurant “Estelle”.

The dishes were beyond our expectations and gave us a happy and unforgettable experience.


Mi cuit scallop kept butter sauce and saumon roe with sea grapes.

Presse fois gras truffle and dessert lime with brioche.

Crab with mornay sauce accent of curry oil and coriander.

Roasted monkfish celeriac puree broth sauce spice flavor /  truffle and finger lime.

Roasted Japanese beef sirloin puree of mushroom and porcino.

Each with the Chief Sommelier selection paring wine set.

Mr. Pickett.  Who has successfully served us the most imaginative and entertaining dishes.

Thank you for coming to Japan to collaborate with the Table 9 Tokyo.  I hope to see you again.




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