VIPs from various countries are staying at each hotel in Tokyo to attend the Imperial Celemony.


This is the lobby of the Prince Park Tower Tokyo.  The national flags lined up in a row are such a spectacular.

It is an unusual atmosphere where tension and gorgeous feelings live together.


Here is a teaser.


From November 1st, the first British Fair will be held by the Prince Hotels Tokyo City Area,  to commemorate the opening of the London Prince Akatoki.

 I am involved in the project, which contains so many exciting events.

One of the project is The Breakfast The Spy Loved.

The breakfast loved by James Bond is reproduced faithfully in the original description.



Speaking of Bond, We also offer the special Martini: The Martini Bond Loved.

Dirty Martini, Vesper Martini, and Vodka Martini. The three martini that Bond loved are also faithfully reproduced in the original. Toshiyasu Takubo, a Japanese Bond, suprevised this Spy Food & Drink project. Yesterday was a kitchen test. Everything is wonderfully unique and exciting.

Vesper… That Vesper.  “Once you tasted it, that’s all you want to drink.”

Why James Bond makes you feel so excited and sexy.  Please look forward to the First British Fair by Prince Hotels Tokyo City Area, “Timeless UK. British Fair 2019”.



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