Timeless U.K. Prince Hotels & Resorts British Fair 2019. <2019.11.1~12.25>

Reception at the Grand Prince Takanawa & Kihinkan.

Are we really in Japan?  Mr. Mark Dobashi of Kamakura Antiques, Catherine Nakano and Mr. Hisaaki Takei who is  Senior Managing Officer Regional General Manager Tokyo City Area PRINCE HOTELS, INC.


London Taxi Black and White (both owned by Mark) and Jaguar (owned by Prince Hotels).

Luxurious deep red leather interior.

Aston Martin DB11 in the banquet room.

Collaboration of London Bus of Prince Hotels with Tokyo Tower.

Congratulations of the opening of Prince Akatoki London.


Official HP of British Fair 2019.

Detailed information is here for you.

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