Timeless U.K. British Fair 2019.

At the entrance The Tin Soldier of ice welcomed us.


Ray Goertz, General Manager of Prince Akatoki London.

Tape cut ceremony.

Elaborate ice sculptures, wonderful and updated British food and drinks.

General Mangers. From left Mr. Hashimoto of Shinagawa Prince, Mr. Yamamoto of Takanawa area, Mr. Ray of London Akatoki, Ms. Shibata of Koicho, Mr. Takei of City Area and Mr. Ishikawa of Parktower.

These red bow ties and (a dot tie of Mr. Ray) are offered by Hackett London, who supported this British Fair.

Top chefs of Prine Hotels. Second from left is Mr. Keita Takahashi, who is recently so busy preparing for Imperial Ceremony Dinners.

Mr. Yoshiaki Ichimura, Executive Chef Sommelier of Prince Hotel.

Mr. Yusuke Mori, Bartender of the Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho.

Staff commemorative photo. Thank you.

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