“By Kilian” has released the first collection of lipsticks “Kilian Parfum Le Rouge Lipstick”.

The collection consists of 6 red shades with matte finish and satin finish. Only red.


High-intensity and luxurious pigments to create intense colour, velvet touch, silky finish and durability.

Here are 6 shades of red by Kilian. Each with Satin finish and Matte finish.


  • Heaven: intense bright red with orange undertone
  • Aphrodisiac:  a glamorous intense red with blue and orange shade
  • Prohibited :  luxury intense red with a cool blue undertone
  • Dangerous: elegant red with a blue undertone
  • Intoxicating :  a complex red with a neutral cool undertone
  • Devil: deep red with plum undertone

This is “Dangerous” Rouge with satin finish, which contains fragrance of Kilian. Durability and sensuality is great and It makes me feel romantic and intoxicated all day…   Recommend for the specific occasion of your holiday season.

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