The Wife of the Ambassador of Palestine, Mrs. Maali Siam, held the exhibition of the Palestinian traditional costume and Japanese Obi.  At Royal Suite Room of Hotel Allamanda Aoyama.

Ms. Maali Siam, left. We met 2 year ago at the Arabic Tea Party, which was held by her at the residence of the Ambassador of Palestine.

The traditional costumes belong to Maali’s mother in law (=the mother of Ambassador of Palestine).  Maali brought these preciou pieces from Palestine to Japan for this exhibition.

You will notice the coins. A lot of coins are used as ornament.  Coins represents eternity in Palestine, so they are lucky motifs.


Mrs. Maki Yamamoto-Arakawa.  She contributed to unite the traditional precious techniques of needlework of two cultures: Palestine and Japan.

Japanese Obi applied with the embroidery of traditional Palestine.

Beautiful embroidery.  But there is also sad aspect. “Embroidery signifies a lack of work,” an Arab proverb recorded by Gustaf Dalman  in 1937 .

Special thanks to Maali who held this meaningful costume exhibition.

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