Temporary sewing at H&Sons.

This glossy navy fabric is woven by Chugai Kunishima. Taylor Hiro is making my new standard business suit, which will be sustainable and versatile (I will continue to wear, reform and wear,  amost forever.)

Ningyocho is exotic for me.

Went to dinner at Imahan Ningyocho.  Surprising beautiful performance of cooking and wonderful Sukiyaki and Steak.

Speial thanks to Mr. Hiro and Mr. Suzuki.

Apero at Four Seasons Hotel “Motif”

Special Big Thanks to handsome women I respect. From left: Ms. Kyomi Nishimura, Ms. Ayako Ohta, Nakano, and Ms. Yumi Jibiki.


I would like to share my thoughts and prayers with the affected areas by recent flood disaster.

I cannot even begin to understand what you are going through right now, and posting my latest works for fashion magazines seems always embarassing in these difficult times.

However, even though the surface is far from ordinary life,  many people join these projects and working hard as they do. I hope you will understand and forgive me for seemingly superfial works.





?Contributed for 25ans, party specials. 

My articles are about the cultural significance of the party, legendary parties, etc.


I hope there will be more fund-raising parties in Japan to support the disaster area.



?Study hard, but party harder. (By Nicola Polizzi)


Surprised to see my book (translation) published in 1997, introduced by Mr. Seigow Matsuoka’s “Thousand Nights for Thousand Books.


I feel honored. Thank you.

Aside from my honor,  it is quite interesting to read the unique view of suit by Mr. Seigow.  You will also find a treasure photo of Seigow Suit in Durban advertisement in 1994.


?Once you have been disliked, you will end up being criticised for whatever you wear. If you should be put in such a situation, you would be dragged down by a single fatale mistake of selection of clothes. 

“Hate a priest, and you will hate his very vestments.”

On the other hand, if people love you through your behavior and words, failure of choice of clothes would often be overlooked.

So  we had better be aware that “sense of fashion” should include our words and behavior,  as I always insist.


?A former student, Asako-san, is going to marry so she and would-be husband went to Crescent Vert in Ginza to find a wedding ring.

Crescent Vert is Managed by Kyocera. There she met an article I had contributed to the Nikkei Style.

So she sent me a photo.  This is an article when I interviewed Paul Costelloe, an Irish fashion designer of Princess Diana.

In the article I mentioned the claddah ring designed by Costello, which Kyocera was involved with. The world is so small.

Anyway , congratulations, Asako-san! (Accidentally, she is actually a priest, loved by people around her.)


The story of the claddah ring is contained in this book.

Special Thanks.  It’s 100 Anniverary.


Downton Abbey is back. That building, that interior, that person … Tom Branson, Mary, Edith, Carson, Hughes, Thomas, Daisy, Anna and Violet…… Full of tears and laughter,  by immersing in England,  in 1927.


This time, the royal couple, the King (George V) and Queen Mary stay in Downton and cause uproar in Downton and changes in each person.  Happiness with a bitter finish, as always.

As a fashion historian, I feel so excited to watch all the costumes in full bloom,  from the royal family and the nobles to the people working below the stairs. It is like a fashionable picture scroll or visual dictionary in 1927.  Costume designer is Anna Mary Scott Robbins.


Words of Lady Violet are always sharp and funny. Here are some inspirational or memorable lines:

“Royal women are not meant to grin like Cheshire cats.”

“I am an expert in every matter.

“I’m glad I’m a revelation and not a disappointment.”

“A shy royal? Is that an oxymoron?”


Dowton Abbey will be released from 10th January 2020.


(c) 2019 Focus Features LLC and Perfect Universe Investment Inc.



For your reference of royal style.

VIPs from various countries are staying at each hotel in Tokyo to attend the Imperial Celemony.


This is the lobby of the Prince Park Tower Tokyo.  The national flags lined up in a row are such a spectacular.

It is an unusual atmosphere where tension and gorgeous feelings live together.


Here is a teaser.


From November 1st, the first British Fair will be held by the Prince Hotels Tokyo City Area,  to commemorate the opening of the London Prince Akatoki.

 I am involved in the project, which contains so many exciting events.

One of the project is The Breakfast The Spy Loved.

The breakfast loved by James Bond is reproduced faithfully in the original description.



Speaking of Bond, We also offer the special Martini: The Martini Bond Loved.

Dirty Martini, Vesper Martini, and Vodka Martini. The three martini that Bond loved are also faithfully reproduced in the original. Toshiyasu Takubo, a Japanese Bond, suprevised this Spy Food & Drink project. Yesterday was a kitchen test. Everything is wonderfully unique and exciting.

Vesper… That Vesper.  “Once you tasted it, that’s all you want to drink.”

Why James Bond makes you feel so excited and sexy.  Please look forward to the First British Fair by Prince Hotels Tokyo City Area, “Timeless UK. British Fair 2019”.



Modern Australian dinner by Scott Pickett who is one of the most famous and popular chefs in Australia. He is an owner and chef of Restaurant “Estelle”.

The dishes were beyond our expectations and gave us a happy and unforgettable experience.


Mi cuit scallop kept butter sauce and saumon roe with sea grapes.

Presse fois gras truffle and dessert lime with brioche.

Crab with mornay sauce accent of curry oil and coriander.

Roasted monkfish celeriac puree broth sauce spice flavor /  truffle and finger lime.

Roasted Japanese beef sirloin puree of mushroom and porcino.

Each with the Chief Sommelier selection paring wine set.

Mr. Pickett.  Who has successfully served us the most imaginative and entertaining dishes.

Thank you for coming to Japan to collaborate with the Table 9 Tokyo.  I hope to see you again.